Artist Spotlight: Hillary

When we set out to cultivate a space on this platform, one of the most important aspects to us was working with amazing artists who have intentional craftsmanship and a beautiful perspective. 
Meet Hillary the founder of Merigold a skincare brand offering nourishing seasonal masks. As a nurse, mother, wife, natural food chef, and nutritionist, Hillary cultivated Merigold to inspire women to pause. Indulging in Merigold nourishes our skin, bodies and souls while helping us to reclaim our space to breathe. Derived from the word Meri, meaning woman in Tok Pisin; the native language of Papua New Guinea, a place that shaped Hillary in her formative years. The second half of the name is the Marigold flower, drawn to it for its healing properties and the connection to her daughter and husband's Mexican heritage. The name Merigold is beautiful blend of Hillary's life.

Recently, we had the pleasure of getting to know Hillary just a little bit more through a short series of fun questions. 

What does your work space look like and what do you love about it?
It looks like home! I love working from home. So it means lot of packages arriving and constantly reorganizing to make room for all of it! I have an office but love working at the dining room table!
How did you first get into creating?
My best friend made the mistake of saying "you could make that!" Haha! Being a third culture kid- I am always up for creating and making things myself....I get that from my mom! 
What other artists inspire you?
Lauren Fuhr Design Co. I love her artwork...we have two pieces in our house! I just think she is so talented!
What other brands do you recommend folx check out?
Lana's Shop! I just met her in person for coffee and she is not only a gem but her artwork is so beautiful!
How have you evolved as an artist during your time making your line/collection?
Honestly, I think the creating side of the business I have a love/hate relationship. I love to create but often it is the thing that I feel the most pressed for time. So I have really learned that scheduling out the creative time is vital!