Arcana Obscura

We have some new Arcana Obscura jewelry in and I absolutely LOVE it!

I’m a sucker for any jewelry that alludes to occult themes or mythical animals -- and Arcana Obscura has this dialed! A one-woman business owned and operated by Kate Hockstein, who  often designs with elements of swords, skulls, bats, snakes, axes, and crescent moons. This handmade jewelry line also recycles and reuses metals as often as possible as means to reduce the business’ overall carbon footprint.

Kate creates the majority of her designs in wax, and casts each mold in either 14K gold or sterling silver. But the granulated pieces in her collection are cast from 22k gold. An ancient form of goldsmithing, Kate creates the wire, sheet, and each tiny granule, using a long, slow process of heating (annealing) and hammering (tempering). She then arranges the parts and fuses each tiny piece together via torch.


Portland Local Shopping Altar PDX Arcana Obscura Sterling Silver Sword Earrings Gothic Jewelry Boho Jewelry Arthurian Myths Legends Handmade Indie Alternative


My personal favorite Arcana Obscura piece is the Large Sterling Silver Sword Earrings. I just bought these earrings and I just feel so much yummier miss kitty darling! They’re a perfect length for me, reflect beautiful in the light, and are one of my favorite statement earrings. If you wear a lot of silver toned jewelry don’t skimp out on these!

Other than earrings, we just got these VERY cute rings. My favorite one is the Oxidized Sterling Silver Python Ring. I’ve always had a very lasting obsession with snakes; the way they slither without any limbs, their quick reactions, the numerous deadly breeds, and their varieties.


Portland Local Shopping Handmade Independent Artist Jewelry Sterling Silver Rings Arcana Obscura Sword Snakes Beetle Egyptian Gothic Occult Jewelry Fine Handmade


This ring is made of solid sterling silver and heavily oxidized. As the oxidization naturally wears away with time and use, the elevated areas become brighter and create a magnificent contrast, a stark intention of this design.

A new necklace we have available is the Sterling Silver Hamsa Necklace. It’s a tiny realistically sculpted hand with an ornate eye carved into the palm. An amulet and sign used throughout the ages as a means to to protect against evil intentions, this amulet necklace is made of complete solid sterling silver and makes a perfect minimal boho piece to add to your collection.


Portland Local Shopping Boho Shopping Arcana Obscura Gothic Occult Hamsa All Seeing Eye Sterling Silver Amulet Necklace Protection Alternative Jewelry


Handmade jewelry really is a beautiful thing! The workmanship is evident, the craftsmanship lasts forever, the quality is supreme over quantity, the pieces make excellent conversation starters, they’re excellent gifts, and most of all, buying local handmade work supports the local economy that you and the artist live in! So come by Altar, browse some jewelry, and find an artisan piece that will never go out of style!