A Valentine's Day Gift

Back in December, we released a new line of curated gift boxes. The intent was to make the act of holiday gift giving simple but thoughtful for our customers. Your response was enthusiastic and we were met with many orders of each themed box and they flew off the shelves and sold out in the blink of an eye.


Because we received such great feedback, we decided to put together a handful of items centered around love and Valentine's Day. A spin off of the ever-popular Love Spell Box, we introduce the Valentine Edition.

This box is the perfect gift for a lover or friend and instead of flowers that will wilt and die or chocolates that are gone too soon, most of the items in this box can be used multiple times and promote self-love, relationship building, and manifestation.

The packing is simple, yet beautiful and can be kept to organize the items for the long run. We also include a gold embossed card to personalize and to write the recipient's name. There's even a little extra space if you want to add one of our many handmade pieces of jewelry.



In the Valentine Edition Love Spell Box, we've included:

  • State of Wellness Love Intention Oil to apply to the back of neck and over heart before meditating or intention setting
  • Sage for cleansing your space and yourself of negative energy
  • Palo Santo for space and energy cleansing
  • Golda Love Atmosphere Mist to restore and renew
  • Palmetto Rose Galaxy Bath Bomb by Melt Away that makes for a luxurious and visually beautiful bath with body safe glitter and a rose petal scent. Perfect for use alone or with a partner
  • Rose Quartz Slab, the heart stone that is known to provide and restore harmony and trust in relationships and opens the heart to stronger or new love
  • Clear Quartz, the all around amplifier and intention stone
  • Miniature pink candle to amplify self-love or attract the love of others