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Soothe Your Skin Salve

$ 28.00

A special deep infusion salve paste // moisturizing body mask.

For dry skin... take care of roughened skin with this ultimate herbal moisturizing hug. A daily moisturizer, also excellent for fine lines + gentle beautification. Almost like a moisturizing skin mask, this salve contains a heaping amount of plantain leaves.

Directions: Apply to freshly cleansed face + body with fingers. May contain lil’ tiny bits from the plantain leaves. For sensitive skin, try on a tiny test patch of skin at first to see if your skin agrees with the formulation. This product does contain a bee product (thank you bee's!)

This listing includes a 1oz (28ml) clear glass jar of Soothe Your Skin Salve. Shipped + packaged with love and nature friendliness. 

Ingredients: fair trade virgin cold pressed unrefined coconut oil* (Cocos nucifera), cold pressed hemp seed oil* (Cannabis sativa), oat tops* (Avena sativa), comfrey leaf* (Symphytum officinale), burdock root* (Arctium lappa), Aloe vera powder* (Aloe vera), elderflowers* (Sambucus nigra), plantain leaf* (Plantago lanceolata), Irish moss* (Chondrus crispus), beeswax* + love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . soy free . all natural . handmade . reusable packaging


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