Sun Sister


$ 140.00

A bundle of three silks of varying textures, hand dyed with marigold flowers. Scarves have beautiful, soft marks from the marigolds in the dye bath.

Each bundle comes with:
1 silk chiffon scarf 30" x 30"
1 silk charmeuse scarf 35" x 35"
1 silk habotai scarf 35" x 35"


Perfect as scarves, children's play silks, wrapping gifts or special objects, and more.

Play silks are large pieces of silk that are used as open-ended, sensory toys by Waldorf and Montessori schools, allowing for expression and imagination. With different textures and natural, non-toxic dyes, our silk bundles make the loveliest gift for little ones.

100% silk with hand rolled hem
Measurements are approximate

Hand wash separately with cold water and gentle, natural, ph-neutral soap. Air-dry away from direct sunlight.

Natural Variations, Marks, & Changes
Colors and shades are shown to the best of our ability, however there will be variations from batch to batch.
Due to the nature of plant dyeing, each scarf is unique and may have subtle marks or specks from dye flowers, leaves, roots, and more, adding to the beauty of naturally dyed silk.
Plant dyes are alive and some colors may shift, soften, or lighten over time, however our dye practices allow for the longest possible life span of our pieces as long as they are properly cared for. 

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