Sigil Oracle Deck

$ 50

New from Serpentfire Tarot, this beautiful oracle deck has black bounded edges and 22 oracle cards made on gorgeous glossy card stock. Sigils have been used for thousands of years to evoke magick as they are imbued with symbolism and evocations.

From "This small yet impactful oracle deck was created to help you get in touch with archetypal themes, energy centres, and magickal experiences in your every day life. These sigils were either created intuitively by Devany or are elaborations on pre-existing symbolism. They are here to help you become aware of obstacles that may be barring you from manifesting your desires. 

Each card has a light and shadow aspect, so to better understand the full nature of the archetype and clear pathways. There is also a mantra for each card, to aid in setting intentions." 

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