Relaxation Ritual Altar Gift Box

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Introducing Altar curated gift boxes.

Better than a bouquet of roses that wilt and wither: give a gift that your recipient will be able to use time and time again. A box of treasures that will suit anyone on your list and will be everything they didn't know they needed. This year, we’re providing you with a simple shopping option that remains thoughtfully built with care. Each box is filled with an assortment intentional items that the recipient is sure to love. We focused on providing beautiful keepsake packaging and ensured the best of what our makers and artisans can provide.

Each box includes a gorgeous matte black and gold lettered card. If you’d like us to fill out the to/from portion of the card, be sure to include the specifics in the 'notes' section at checkout.

Want to add one last thing? A one of a kind jewelry piece? If you'd like something else in your order to be added and packed into the box, let us know.


Stir up a little witchcraft and kick back with this Relaxation Ritual box that promotes self care and self love. Taking the time to take care of oneself should be prioritized, so gift this to the friend who never seems to slow down, or for the one who practices self care regularly. Better than a bouquet of roses that wilt and die, give the gift that your recipient will be able to use time and time again. This box suites a range of people on your list and will be everything they’ve needed but didn’t know how to ask for.

The Relaxation Box holds:

  • State of Wellness Anxiety Roller Oil - roll onto the wrist or pressure points to soothe antsy nerves with notes of lavender, blue chamomile, and more calm and restore
  • Sage - for cleansing your space and yourself of negative energy
  • Palo Santo - an aromatic incense that doubles as a space and energy cleanser
  • Frequency Peace Soap Bar - soap that contains grey quartz stones with lemon and lavender notes
  • Wooden Spoon Anxiety Ally - a tincture to add to a drink or take alone, this blend is intended to calm and contains ingredients like holy basil, lavender, and skull cap
  • Being milk bath sample - warm up this season with a hot bath paired with this milk mixture, made with coconut and rose petals to relax and soften the skin
  • Sana Terra face mask sample - detoxifying and a great self care regimen
  • Spellbound Bath Bomb by Melt Away - a luxurious and visually beautiful bath accessory
  • Amethyst - a beautiful stone promoting healing and protection.
  • Clear Quartz - an all around amplifier and intention stone. *The stones you receive in your box will look similar to the ones pictured, but each one is different.

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