Tule Fog

Reed Diffuser

$ 25

Using non-toxic fragrance and essential oils, these diffusors are a great alternative to aerosol home fragrance sprays that you can set and forget while they fill your home with calming scents. Plus, they look gorgeous!

Coconut & Sage:

Top notes: eucalyptus, clove
Core notes: sage, lavender, coconut
Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla

Moss & Pine:

Top notes: herbal, pine
Core notes: oakmoss, citrus
Base notes: sandalwood, musk, tonka

Sandalwood & Eucalyptus:

Top notes: wood, clove
Core notes: eucalyptus, earth
Base notes: musk

Sea & Lavender:

Top notes: plum, ozone
Core notes: lavender, floral
Base notes: vanilla, amber

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