Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck

Leila + Olive

Designed and illustrated in New York.

This stunningly illustrated oracle deck will visually please you with each use. The illustrator and designer, Nicole Rallis of Leila + Olive was inspired by each season of nature and botanical growth. The drawings within the deck include beautiful versions flowers and roots--each symbolizing a realm of mythology and magic. 

A note from the maker: "We invoke the myth of the Pythia, an ancient priestess whose visions channeled prophecies from Hellenic gods. Also known as the Oracle of Delphi, her divinations were steeped in mystery and enigmatic wonder―a trusted presage that loomed in the hearts of all women and men who sought to persist against fate. Each card derives from personal meaning rooted in mythology surrounding the adorning herbs and flowers."


The Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck includes:

- 48 hand-illustrated and tea-stained cards with antique gold edges
- A 54-page guidebook that comes in the box, with instructions, corresponding botanical illustrations and meanings
- A sturdy, box to carry your deck in transit

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