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Perfume Oil Roller

$ 42

Sustainably made in Seattle, WA.

A lightweight perfume roller perfect for on the go! Keep it with you and apply as much or as little as you like. This ultra moisturizing oil is great for dry winter skin too.

Pure Jojoba and Safflower oil is quick drying and doesn't leave a greasy feel. Safe for skin and clothing. All perfume oils are phthalate and nut oil free.

15 ml, stainless steel roller ball

Mesa- Reminiscent of dry deserts and the towering rock formations of Sedona, Mesa is warm, spicy and dry. A great unisex scent with Santal, Egyptian Amber, Cardamom, Spice and a woody base note.

Moon- Clean and fresh with tobacco, bay leaf, rosewood and a hint of vetiver. The blend of woody and bright notes make it a great unisex scent for all year round.

Nova- A sensual blend of bergamot, fig, bay leaves, cedarwood and vetiver. This fragrances is a sudden increase in brightness, like a flash of light that slowly fades to a subtle and lingering musk. A unisex scent you'll want to fight over.

Storm- Warm rain, sea salt, eucalyptus, and cypress create a clean top with a light musky base. This unisex fragrance is light but sexy.

Valley- Lemon, Yuzu, Green leaves, Magnolia blossom, White Musk. 

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