Sun & Selene

Onyx Aurora Charmer Necklace

$ 95

Channel your inner goddess with this stunning minimalist piece inspired by Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, daybreak, and sunrise. 

Her siblings, Sol, the sun, and Luna, the moon, reign the day and night skies as Aurora rises from the dark to bring the new day. She is the first to awake and rides her chariot across the sky before the sun.

Featuring black onyx, the stone of strength and resilience, this piece reminds its wearer to look ahead to the future and for support during difficult times. 

This piece features a 14k gold disc with hammer edge detail and a 5mm round black onyx cabochon set in sterling bezel on an adjustable 15" to 19" gold filled chain. 

Handmade in Richmond, VA by Sun & Selene. 

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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