Pink Moon

Leo Essence – Fire Element | Cardamom + Bergamot

$ 45.00
  • Inspired by the bold and daring Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • White rose hydrosol is associated with love and the heart and promotes emotional balance
  • Sodium hyaluronate helps draw moisture in to the skin and keep it hydrated
  • Moringa has been prized by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda for centuries; its vitamin & mineral-rich seed oil is a hydrating and plumping antioxidant
  • The formula is infused with clear quartz to promote harmony and balance energy
  • Aromatherapeutic scent features essential oils of bergamot and cardamom
    • Smells like spicy chai with a hint of floral bergamot
  • Co-created with an AAPI astrologer, Evelyn Zuel

Note: The color of this product may naturally change in response to the elements (light, air) due to the colors being derived from plant-based, natural extracts. This does not impact the efficacy of the formula.

We are so proud to add Pink Moon to our apothecary elements! “Pink Moon is a lifestyle brand and inclusive community at the intersection of ancient wellcare practices and high quality eco-friendly products. [Their] mission is to inspire others to love themselves unapologetically and live life with intention and joy.”

We find the attention to ingredients and small batch production methods is evident; the innovation is imbued in the care that is rendered in every product.

This item is shipped directly from the maker! This means you may receive your order in multiple shipments (if you are ordering more than one item) and if it is being made-to-order, please be mindful of the designer's individually allocated lead times! We are proudly connecting our customers and the designers we love in a direct way in the hopes that we can support other small businesses in tandem with our own!

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