Sun Sister


$ 18.00

A blend of Lavender and Hinoki Wood in a base of organic jojoba oil for grounding, calming, clarity, purification, and awareness.

Fresh, woody, balsamic, sweet, floral

About the Plants
Our high-altitude Lavender is known for its sedative properties, helping to calm stress and to promote sleep. Lavender is balancing to all the chakras; I love lavender for the third eye chakra, as it helps promote emotional stability, eliminate feelings of inner conflict, and aid in deepening one's meditation practice, allowing a connection with the Divine.

Our authentic Hinoki Wood is a cypress native to Japan, and is often referenced for its positive effects in scientific papers on Japanese "forest bathing" or shinrin-yoku. Helping to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, Hinoki Wood relaxes stress, is very grounding and uplifting, and helps increase spiritual awareness. Hinoki Wood is sacred and is used in Japan for building temples and shrines and for purification rituals in the Shinto tradition.

Jojoba oil, essential oils. 10 ml glass roll-on bottle

Note: All of our essential oils come from high quality, sustainable sources.

Organic. Handmade. Vegan.

Roll onto temples and pulse points while inhaling deeply. Essential oils are precious and should be used consciously and with intention. Perform a patch test before use.

Please store your oil in a cool, dark, and dry place.

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