Kinx Active

Kinx Active Nail Polish

$ 12.00

This is a new kind of nail polish -- the brainchild of Kinx Activewear. 

What is this Active Wear Nail Polish, and what’s so special about it?

  1. Quick dry application & NO UV/LED LAMP required. Perfect for those ON-THE-GO moments where you need your nail game to be strong!

  2. High Gloss and extended shade selection because we all have our preferences, moods, and inspirations for our nails. But one thing is constant - that high gloss and shine is a must!

  3. Formulated for 3-5 days of active wear. Perfect for special occasions. Also perfect when you’re color coordinating with your outfits. Annnnd also perfect when you want your nails to match your current mood!

  4. That lacquer or gel odor you’re used to smelling? NOPE, not with our polish! Odor-free!

  5. This polish peels right off! Quick and easy without the need for any removers, solvents, or filing.

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