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Goldie Cord 2.0 Suspender Dress (Preorder)

$ 175.00

Preorder by March 8, 2023. Shipping begins middle April.

If you've been here a while, you might have experienced the gold corduroy suspender dress era a few years ago. Well, it's *kinda* back, but this cord is a bit heavier. The old cord had skinnier stripes and was lightweight, where this new cord has fatter velvety stripes and is considered midweight. 


Goldie's back, she's a little heavier, she's got a nice light grey suspender to hold her up. The fabric is a wee bit brighter. We think she's better but that's for you to judge (she's better). 

This is a pinafore style dress, comes to knees or just above knees on most people and is great for layering. Two huge front pockets and one smaller phone pocket.

Fabric notes: this 100% corduroy is velvety, hardworking yet incredibly soft. Comes with light grey suspenders. As always, wash cold, hang dry, iron hot.

Model shown is 5'6" and typically wears a commercial size 20/22 and is wearing a size 4 1/2 suspender dress. Please see the sizing chart below to see what size you wear.

Thanks Astoria Signs for the location.

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