Altar Houseline

Gerty Dress in Currant Deco

$ 68.00 $ 168.00

With sooooo few left in stock, this item is final sale!

This perfect a-line button down dress that mirrors an over-sized dress shirt in all the right ways.  We fell in love with this 100% silk fabric, but there wasn't much of it! We rescued this 30 yard bolt from its ill-fated future in the landfill, but we were only able to make a precious few of these! 

The delicate nature of silk means this garment is semi-sheer and will style best with a cute, deliberate undergarment statement! 

 The flashy pearl buttons are such a cute element, and the sleeve has a slight gather at the top. Style this a million ways. Over tights, with cute doc oxfords, a big sweater... or dress it up with a wedge or heal. This is a staple piece that you can wear for years. 

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