Hillery Sproatt

Monks (Moss) Blanket

$ 168

These blankets have the perfect weight and size to not only serve as function art, but they are COZY as heck! 

Every year when we travel our brand at Renegade Craft Fair, our booth is around the corner from this remarkable artist and designer. Every year: I make sure I pick up one of these amazing blankets. I am SO excited to be sharing this product with all of you! 

Quoted from her website, artist Hillery Sproatt talks about the image that is rendered on this woven blanket: "Mindful figures dance about this dappled blanket, thoughtfully performing their daily tasks. Setting tables, gardening, fetching water from the well — each moment is an opportunity to be present. This blanket is a loving reminder to relax and take notice of exactly where you are as the day unfolds.

Thoughtfully designed, crafted and knitted in the USA, each blanket is designed from Hillery Sproatt’s paintings. Made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% poly, they are the perfect weight for year-round use. Blankets measure approximately 50" x 60" and can be machine washed and dried on cool/delicate cycle." 

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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