Altar Houseline

Cassie Unisex Coverall in Denim Chambray

$ 55.00 $ 198.00

With sooooo few left in stock, this item is final sale!

I think I made the coverall of my dreams; I am so in love with it that I literally named it after myself. I was also too excited not to get these listed right away, so here's yours truly, modeling this adorable garment! *more, REAL photos coming SOON!*

This is a new frontier for us: genderless staple elements that have enough variation in fit that they can be styled on anyone! We are super proud to be stepping into this new direction and doing so with this absolutely beautiful coverall. 

This coverall has our most technical degree of finishing. It is made with a light-weight, denim-chambray that is super soft and yummy. The legs are nice and long (but look rad cuffed). Closures at the end of the sleeves can also enable a cute rolled up sleeve. Deep internal side seam pockets and a cute external pocket on the back. 

This is a forever kind of garment: meant to stand the test of time! It will look better the dirtier and more worn it gets, too ;) 

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