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Austin Apothecary Cosmic Bath Bombs

$ 7

Each bath bomb is individually wrapped to protect the item. The following descriptions from will help your imagination dive into the experience of these beautiful bombs!! 

Aphrodite: An ode to the true goddess of love and sexuality. Aphrodite is our signature blend of floral Lavender base notes combined with Black Plum and Vanilla. Subtle notes of Nutmeg and earthy Amber are added to calm and soothe the soul. A must for any romantic bath, this seductive fizzy wonder contains some of Mother Nature’s most potent and sensual ingredients. Nutmeg and Lavender are both powerful aphrodisiacs that are known to soothe a restless heart.

Amethyst: Submerge yourself in a magical crystalline experience. Amethyst is a sensual blend of ripe Bartlett Pears that come together with golden Apricots and light notes of sweet Coconut and Lavender to create a truly signature scent. Enhanced with organic Coconut and Rose Kaolin Clay. When you drop it into warm water, Amethyst froths about you, releasing fragrant aromas and skin nourishing clays. Ethically sourced micas adorn the tops of each bath bomb to create a radiant shimmer.

Blood Moon is an enticing mix of Blood Orange, Italian Bergamot and Tangerine. Inspired by the crimson celestial beauty, Blood Moon was created to leave your mind, body and soul feeling at peace. White China Clay and Activated Charcoal detoxify your skin while Earth friendly micas leaves you with a subtle shimmer, just like the stardust you are made of. Launch Blood Moon into the water and watch as the deep shimmering red unfolds, while sweet essential oils form a magically citrus aroma.

Moon Child: Submerge yourself in this colorful lunar experience. Moon Child is a mysterious blend of exotic dragon fruit, crisp pear and zesty lime. White China Clay and Epsom Salt soften your skin while Earth Friendly mica leaves you with a subtle shimmer, just like the stardust you are made of. Launch Moon Child into the water and watch the swirling colors of the night sky.

Siren of the Sea: Slip into a magical world of Sandalwood and Citrus while you swim in vibrant blue waters enriched with real Seaweed. Siren of the Sea is a moisturizing bath bomb that smells of Sweet Orange and Lime while being infused with Tangerine and Patchouli. Pacific blue mica will leave your water shimmering like flashes of a mystical Siren's tail.

6 oz
Made in United States of America

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