Here at Altar, we are very inspired by the cosmos. Much of our store involves finding tools to help understand the governance of outer space with deep reverence for how it affects our bodies and minds energetically, gravitationally, and seasonally. Those tools, however, are balanced by our connection to our innerspace: the realm that also deserves reverence.

For the month of September, we are embarking on an experiment to encourage some healthy maintenance of the innerspace. Our innerspace is constantly under duress from big outside forces (such as oppression, insane politics, environmental devastation) AND the little things that can feel big (relationships, social media, traffic, etc.) We are seeking to create some tools to call in balance and quiet destabilizing forces. This work is referred to as "self care" and it's not always glamorous nor does it have to cost any money. Self care is about holding space for yourself and honoring your intrinsic needs.

As we adventure into this topic, we hoped to approach this in a creative and dynamic way by creating a little “challenge.” We've made a calendar of (mostly) free suggestions for our staff and we’d like to invite our community to participate in a challenge by adding a comment of a self-care practice that you find useful. Simply by commenting with your idea, you are entered to win! We'll randomly select 3 winners for 3 different prizes: 1. a $150 gift card! 2. a beautiful gift box full of our favorite apothecary features! and 3. (regionally only) an hour-long massage at State of Wellness! Additionally, you can enter again and by posting a photo inspired by self-care and wellness with the hashtag #InnerSpaceChallenge  (you can do this as many times as you'd like to increase your entries).

Of course, for every individual, integrating self-care into your routine is a personal journey. We'll be sharing some of our personal September goals with you all, and we invite you to share yours if you want to also! If you aren't sure where to start, check out our calendar for inspiration. No one is perfect, even in our quest to take better care of ourselves. If you miss a day or three, or if ‘filling your cup’ literally means filling your cup with wine, we support you. We are all in this together and we strive to make this a judgment free space.