Amy Fox: Amy Fox earned her BFA in Photography at the University of Oregon, and though not her main focus these days, her love for composition, light, and mood is reflected in the Instagram and blog content that Altar continually releases. Fox is the owner/designer for Iron Oxide Jewelry, our flagship line that blends naturalism with minimalism. There is a focus on architecture and silhouette in the more elaborate body chains and conceptual pieces, while balanced with staple pieces meant to casually accent many style points. Fox culls inspiration from the materials she works with. When she isn’t working she can be found exploring the forest and coast, making candles, watching horror movies and making an appearance at the occasional karaoke night. 
Cassie Ridgway: Co-owner and designer for Altar Houseline apparel. Ridgway started her career as a boutique owner in 2010 which has culminated in her focus on the in-house manufactured apparel line which she designs. Her primary inspirations include luscious textiles with moody print motifs, 90’s post-punk music, Modernist literature, and knowing a lot of remarkable artists whom she admires. Her sew shop is located down the street from the shop and can be followed on the separate Instagram profile @altar_houseline