bowl cut ceramics

Pizza Planter

We are positively OBSESSED with Bowl Cut Ceramics. These hand-thrown, beautifully glazed and finished pieces are whimsical, charming, and will put a smile on your face with every use. This is truly one of our favorite potters in the UNIVERSE. *This item is shipped directly from the maker! This means you may receive your order in multiple shipments (if you are ordering more than one item) and if it is being made-to-order, please be mindful of the designer's individually allocated lead times!* We are proudly connecting our customers and the designers we love in a direct way in the hopes that we can support other small businesses in tandem with our own!

A true one of a kind piece! This pizza planter is hand-built in white clay with contrast speckled clay added as decorative crust and pepperoni. Clear glaze is hand-painted over the “cheese” and “pepperoni” to make it nice and shiny.

Due to the unique nature and labor intensive process of this piece very few will be made.

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