Naomi Tropico Print Dress

$122.00 $205.00

Nooworks has done it again!

How much do we love Nooworks? This brand, season after season, delivers vivacious prints in versatile, effortless silhouettes. We absolutely love them. 

 The midi-length Naomi dress has a babydoll basted waistline and a big flowy skirt. It is made from Made in 100% rayon in the USA.

Nooworks is based in Oakland, CA, and also has a brick-and-mortar store in LA. 

Made in 100% rayon in the USA

Featuring artwork by Mitchelle Norris


Care instructions: We want all our garments to last without harming the environment so only wash garments when they really do need it. This item is made of 100% rayon so we advise you dry clean only. We've experimented with hand washing on cold and hang drying but because every textile has a different ink/fabric combination the shrinkage is inconsistent and not worth the risk.

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