Ada Lip Beauty

Lip Rally Sets

$39.00 $44.00


Reviews are in and lips are gabbing and spilling the tea on this cult fave. We're here to say we see you and we made it even sweeter to nab this cult fave. Get 2 or 3 Lip Rally's at 10%-15% off respectively.

A 2-in-1 convenient stick to exfoliate and nourish your lips for every day softness. Refresh and rejuvenate your pout with Lip Rally - an exfoliating, nourishing vegan lip scrub made from natural sugar beads, cocoa seed butter, shea oil, and jojoba oil.  In the form of a chapstick, Lip Rally provides easy application and no dirty finger double dipping.  Live another day to fight the good fight against the injustices of the world around you. Speak up. LOUD.

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