Burnt Thistle Ceramics

Black Moon Phase Dish

$ 42
Medium Moon Phase Dish
Handmade Ceramic Tray
Black, Sgraffito

Magical, mystical and metaphysical, this tray embodies the energy of the Moon Phases. Each of my designs has its own meaning and handcrafted symbolism.

Moon Phases: As the moon transitions each month, each phase of the moon holds different energy and symbolism. This dish illustrates the transformation evident in the lunar cycle.
What are your intentions for this lunar cycle soul traveler?

This handcrafted ceramic dish is a piece of art, made with intention and love in Seattle, WA. It is best used to recharge crystals, hold sage and herb sticks for clearing and burning, and as an altar dish.

Dishwasher safe—however I recommend hand washing for long-lasting quality and durability.

Size is approximately: 5.75'' x 2.5''

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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