State of Wellness

'Supermoon' Aromatherapy Spray

$ 28

Handmade in Vancouver, WA. This company is truly one of our absolute favorite apothecary brands (a staff top choice) and one that we can speak endlessly about. 

Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils blended with intention and deep care, packaged in convenient spray bottle. From the maker: "Whether or not seduction is the goal, this intoxicating blend will have you smelling and feeling gorgeously irresistible."

Ingredients: organic aloe leaf juice, phenoxyethanol, witch hazel, organic white willow bark, tea tree essential oil, polysorbate, alcohol, tetrasodium edta, lavadin, lavender, Hawaiian sandalwood, tangerine peel, melissa leaf, ylang ylang, elemigum, osmanthus flower extract, lemon myrtle leaf, clary sage, and vetiver


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