Altar Houseline

Ultra Blue Cupro Shift Dress +

$ 108

An everything and anything kind of dress-- styles up and down for any occasion. This beautiful ultra blue cupro drapes like the finest, most delicate and beautiful silk. It is SO luscious! It is t-length with high slits along the side, which really engages the styling of a great shoe! 

As with all plant-based fiber: hand wash and line dry (or dry clean!!). Irons are great if you get wrinkles on this textile. 

For custom sizing options, please inquire directly in a note on the order or by email at Please note that Altar Houseline items can take up to a week to ship, because we're making them especially for you!

Candace is 5'8" and a size 16-18, and is wearing a size 3XL.

Kira is 5'5" and a size 2, and is wearing a size small.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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