Queen of Cups

Radiance Candle - Blood Orange + Lilac

$ 28

Introducing another amazing limited edition scent from Queen of Cups.

Celebrate Mid Summer with Radiance! This scent is here to remind you of your inner strength and light with bright Blood Orange top notes. A base of Lilac and Cedarwood balance out this candle just as the mid summer reminds us of the balance of light and shadow.

Accompanied by an eclipse, the solstice, and Lions Gate... this period of time powerful and transformational, harness this energy and shine bright for the world. Topped with hand picked peony petals from a local Oregon farm. 

*Candle is 8oz. with a luxury wooden wick for maximum crackle and scent throw. Burn time is 40 hours.

Handmade in Portland, OR by Queen of Cups.

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