Altar Houseline

Francis Dress in Pleated Tea Rose PRESALE

$ 138

The Francis Dress in pleated Tea Rose is a silky wrap dress with a beautiful shape! 

Ultra-soft, silky pleated rayon blend with beautiful drape. Wonderful for curves and bust; will be a great staple piece for season-to-season, and easy to style a million zillion ways. 

We have very little of this fabric that we can only run pre-sale for one of each up to 2xl. Hopefully we are able to make more, but such is the plight of fabulous deadstock. It is a finite treasure! 

We are just rolling these beauties into production right now, so the PRESALE cycle for these is live! You'll receive 15% off your presale purchase with the code PRESALE21; we expect these dresses around early June! 

Only 1 piece in stock!

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