Apocalyptic Company

Call Your Coven Candles

$ 18

Handmade in Washington.

With a genius concept and branding, this candle makes for an amazing addition to your home or a great gift. A scent that's a cross between sweet and earthy will make your entire space smell amazing. Poured into a beautiful glass container and topped with a cork lid, the wax is made of soy for a vegan-friendly option. Soy wax is also earth friendly because it's biodegradable. It also burns longer and cleaner than bees wax. 

From the maker: "It will remind you of baking cookies, brewing potions, and prepares your home to welcome your trusted circle. Go ahead, light this candle and call your coven."

Notes: amber, sandalwood, and bergamot

Available in 10 oz and 3 oz

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