Altar Houseline & Iron Oxide Sale!

Hey guess what?! Are you ready?! Oh my goddess! This weekend, we are having an in-store and online sale in celebration of the coming (very hot) Summer! From this Saturday to Monday, all Iron Oxide and Altar Houseline items will be 10% off! So be sure to stop by our shop, visit our website, and get your discounted Summer items!  


Altar Houseline 


Altar PDX Shop Portland Local Houseline Clothing Summer 2017 Fashion Trends


It is without a doubt that Cassie’s Altar Houseline pieces are high quality, chic, and easily identifiable amongst the crowd. Her clothing is flowy, light-weight, layerable and dreamily soft to the touch. Perfect for the summer: her Yellow Raglan Sleeve Dress reflects this Summer’s bright yellow trend and accurately fits the woman on the go who wants to wear something easy fit, breathable and simple.

The theme “flower power” is another popular trend this summer, as head-to-toe retro-inspired flower prints are back and bolder than ever. So take a look at our Dark Floral Apron Dress and Orange Floral Apron Dress. Think ‘60s and ‘70s inspired wallpapers and interiors. Become the boho dream you’ve always wanted to be.

But my personal favorite piece in the Altar Houseline collection has to be the Taupe Wide Leg Jumpsuit. I’m a sucker for neutral colored clothing due to its flattery on the skin, but especially taupe due to its middle ground between brown and grey. I also love how the crotch is slightly dropped to allow for comfort and mobility, especially when sitting. So just imagine, all the drunk comfortable brunches you can have this Summer, while wearing a fashionable locally- designed jumpsuit :)


Iron Oxide 


Shop Portland Local Iron Oxide Jewelry Handmade Summer Trends Silver Moonstone Lariat Quartz Crystal Witch


Raw crystals and minerals have become a Summer style stalwart lately and have made countless appearances all over fashion. Amy’s Iron Oxide designs are no stranger to crystal therapy and energizing stones. These jewelry pieces are unique, popular, and fun to style and wear.

My personal favorite right now is probably the Moonstone Lariat Necklace. As super fine jewelry is also trending this Summer, especially when it comes to chokers (alternative to previously trending thick chokers), I love how thin it is. Perfect for a demure, wispy summer look, wearing this necklace with a very low v- neck dress would be absolutely beautiful. Speaking of super fine chokers, the Double Dart Moonstone Choker in sterling silver is also a beautiful piece. I love the two overlapping pendant points, as it gives the jewelry piece dimension with an adjustable wispy silver chain. And to match of course, are the Mini Opal and Crystal Drop Earrings. These earrings are humbly decorative and resemble gunmetal flossy charms. So get into this fine jewelry trend! It’s layerable, adds detail to your outfit and gives you that mysterious witchy aura.

But if you’re into bigger stones on your body, I find that the Crystal Castle Moonstone Necklace will definitely suit you. A statement piece in its own way, the quartz crystal pendant definitely resembles a raw castle, full of dreamy visions. It actually reminds me of that one movie, The Neverending Story, full of foggy dreams, fantastical creatures and a heavenly themed nostalgia.


All in all, the Altar Houseline and Iron Oxide, really do come together. Perfect elements that ebb and flow back and forth from one another, combining these two designs really creates the ultimate minimalist mystic. Together they reflect a look that is both fashionable, ready-to-wear, timeless and unique. Stand out among the crowd this summer with some uncut minerals, and demure fabrics.